Solar Terrestrial ObseRvations and Modeling Service

27-30 june, Toulouse

Particle Acceleration and Transport from heliospheric perspective

Scientific symposium on Particle Acceleration and Transport from heliospheric perspective: a scientific symposium on particle transport and acceleration will present the results of the SERPENTINE H2020 project in more general context of particle transport and acceleration in astrophysics from a heliospheric perspective. A number of researchers is invited also from outside the consortium, to be able to discuss the results in a more general framework. This event will serve as a means to communicate the project results to target groups T1, T2, T3 and T4, i.e., researchers and PhD students in the fields of heliophysics, space weather research and astrophysics.

  • 27-28 June: SERPENTINE Scientific Symposium at Salle des Colonnes, Hotel Dieu
  • 29-30 June: Internal meeting at IRAP


The Airport Shuttle Bus

Time: Leaves every half an hour between 5:40am and 00:10am.
Cost (at time of writing): 9 Euros each way
Directions: Shuttle leaves from outside main terminal. Tickets can be bought next to the tram stop (ensure you buy the shuttle ticket and not a standard one). The shuttle bus stop is to the right of the tram stop as you exit the terminal.
Destination: The shuttle stops at Compans Caffarelli and close to hotels at Jeanne d’Arc and Jean Jaures.
Mobility: The buses are adapted for access for people with reduced mobility.

The Tram Line T2

Time: Leaves approximately every 20 minutes between 06:10am and 23:58pm. It is slower than the shuttle but cheaper.
Cost (at time of writing): 1.80 Euros for 1 trip.
Directions: The trams leave from just outside the terminal. Just take a right as you leave the building.
More details on the PDF


Time: Usually available 24 hours.
Cost: Around 30-35 euros to Toulouse Center. They are readily available, but it may be cheaper to get an Uber.
Directions: Taxis line up on the road outside of the terminal, directly to the right as you leave the building.



Hotel Dieu (27-28)
  • Salle de Pelerins (et Salle des Colonnes)
  • Adresse: 2 rue Viguerie, TSA 8003531059 Toulouse cedex
  • Dates: Tuesday-Wednesday 27-28 June
  • Surface 300 m2. Up to 200 persons. Equiped with screen, audio, etc.
  • Cocktail in Salle de Colonnes.
Façade et reflets de l'Hôtel-Dieu de Toulouse

IRAP (29-30)
  • Conference room
  • Adresse: 9 Av. du Colonel Roche, 31400 Toulouse
  • Dates: Thursday-Friday 29-30 June
  • Surface 300 m2. Up to 200 persons. Equiped with screen, audio, etc.
  • Cocktail in Salle de Conférences