Solar Terrestrial ObseRvations and Modeling Service


The Modelling and Data Analysis Working Group (MADAWG) is a team of scientists and engineers working on:

  • Coordinating modelling and theoretical support for Solar Orbiter science
  • Preparing data analysis tools to relate different Solar Orbiter datasets
  • Defining the format of datasets and their metadata from Solar Orbiter
  • Defining how data archives will exchange Solar Orbiter data

Solar Orbiter is an ESA/NASA mission to explore the Sun and solar activity from inside the orbit of Mercury. The spacecraft will approach the Sun up to a perihelion distance of about 60 solar radii (0.29 AU) and permit close-up and high-latitude studies of the Sun for the first time.

Solar Orbiter will address a number of central questions in heliophysics:

  • What drives the solar wind and where does the coronal magnetic field originate from?
  • How do solar transients drive heliospheric variability?
  • How do solar eruptions produce energetic particle radiation that fills the heliosphere?
  • How does the solar dynamo work and drive connections between the Sun and the heliosphere?

Models and data analysis tools for the Solar Orbiter mission (Rouillard et al. 2020) is published in the Astronomy & Astrophysics Journal (A&A)

MADAWG Meetings

  • 25-28/10/2020: Tools and models in support of Solar Orbiter science, Napoli, Italy
  • 01/04/2020: LLD assimilation in the Connectivity Tool for operations, Darmstadt, Germany
  • 11-13/09/2019: Tools and models in support of Solar Orbiter science, University College London, UK
  • 23/01/2019: Connectivity Tools and PSP First perihelion, Madrid, ESAC
  • 26/09/2018: Tools and models in support of Solar Orbiter science, Academy of Athens, Greece
  • 22/01/2018: Preparing models and tools for the arrival of Solar Orbiter magnetograph data, IRAP, Toulouse
  • 10/07/2017: Modelling support for Solar Orbiter, ESAC, Madrid
  • 15/11/2016: Forecasting requirements for Solar Orbiter mission operations, ESWW13, Ostende, Belgium
  • 19/11/2015: Modelling support for Solar Orbiter: Royal Observatory Belgium: magnetic connectivity
  • 07/07/2015: Completion of generic METADATA document, ESAC, Madrid
  • 11/02/2015: Modelling support for Solar Orbiter, Max Planck Institute For Solar System Research
  • 19/01/2015: Interactions between data centers, ESAC, Madrid
  • 02/12/2014: Definition of METADATA document, FHNW


  • Alexis Rouillard (Chair, IRAP)
  • Clementina Sasso (Co-Chair, ROB)
  • David Berghmans (Co-Chair, ROB)
  • Victor Reville (IRAP)
  • Anik de Groof (ESAC)
  • Andrew Walsch (ESAC)
  • William Thompson (NASA/GSFC)
  • Rui Pinto (CEA)
  • Thanasis Kouloumvakos (IRAP)
  • Gherardo Valori (MSSL)
  • Tahar Amari (CPHT, X)
  • Luis Sanchez Duarte (ESAC)
  • Daniel Muller (ESTEC)
  • Iannis Zouganelis (ESAC)
  • Guillaume Aulanier (OPM)
  • Susanna Parenti (ROB)
  • Bob Bentley (UCL)
  • Andre Csillaghy (FHNW)
  • Stein Vidar Hagfors Haughan (Hinode Science Data Centre; Oslo)
  • Elie Soubrie (IAS)
  • Margit Haberreiter (Davos)
  • Thanasis Papaionnou (NOA)
  • Anastasiadis Anastasios (NOA)
  • Manolis Georgoulis (Academy of Athens)
  • Shane Maloney (Skytek)
  • David Perez-Suarez (SunPy)
  • Holly Gilbert (NASA/GSFC)
  • Alexander Warmuth (AIP)
  • Gottfried Mann (AIP)
  • Peter Gallagher (TCD)
  • Craig DeForest (SWRI)
  • Thomas Wiegelman (MPS)
  • Nicole Vilmer (OPM)
  • Sacha Brun (CEA)
  • Rami Vainio (Univ. Turku)
  • Christian Vocks (IAP)
  • Viviane Pierrard (IASB)

Data Centers Representatives

  • Pedro Osuna (Solar Orbiter Archive Scientist)
  • Vincent Genot (CDPP)
  • Stein Vidar Hagfors Haughan (HSDC)
  • Eric Buchlin (MEDOC)

Parker Solar Probe Representatives

  • Solar Wind Electrons, Alphas and Protons (SWEPS; Justin Kasper)
  • Fields Experiments (FIELDS; Stuart Bale, Marc Pulupa, Keith Goetz)
  • Wide-field Imager (WISPR; Russ Howard, Angelos Vourlidas, Denis Wang)
  • Heliospheric Origins with Parker Solar Probe (Marco Velli)

Instrument Team Representatives

Energetic Particle Detector (EDP)

  • Javier Rodriguez-Pacheco (UAH)
  • Francisco Espinosa (UAH)
  • Raul Gomez Herrero (UAH)
  • Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber (Uni. Kiel)

Magnetometer (MAG)

  • Tim Horbury, (IC)

Radio and Plasma Waves (RPW)

  • Xavier Bonnin (OPM)
  • Baptiste Cecconi (OPM)
  • Jan Soucek
  • Bruno Katra (LPP)
  • Yuri Khotyaintsev
  • Milan Maksimovic (OPM)

Solar Wind Plasma Analyser (SWA)

  • Chris Owen (MSSL)
  • Philippe Louarn (IRAP)
  • Manu Penou (IRAP)

Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUI)

  • David Berghmans (ROB)
  • Samuel Gissot (ROB)
  • Bogdan Nicula (ROB)

Coronagraph (METIS)

  • Thomas Strauss (TAO)
  • Alessandro Bemporad (TAO)

Polarimetric and Helioseismic Imager (PHI)

  • Andreas Lagg (MPS)
  • Tino Riethmueller (MPS)
  • Luis Bellot Rubio (MPS)

Heliospheric Imager (SoloHI)

  • Russ Howard (NRL)
  • Angelos Vourlidas (JHAPL)
  • Nathan Rich (NRL)
  • Simon Plunkett (NRL)

Spectral Imaging of the Coronal Environment (SPICE)

  • Stein Haugan (HSDC)
  • Steve Guest (STFC)
  • Don Hassler (SWRI)

X-ray Spectrometer Telescope (STIX)

  • Sam Krucker (FHNW)
  • Laszlo Etesi Istvan (FHNW)